Branding & Image

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Cerro Viento Restaurant 

We were asked to bring a renovated image of the classical Cerro Viento’s architectural language by designing the concept of the space and lighting...




Boutique Hotel Casa Lum                                                     

In historical downtown of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, the brand new Hotel Casa Lum found its perfect location in a house from the 1800’s...



Hay Festival 

Over the past decade, Hay Festival has become a global not-for-profit organization that runs annual festivals and projects of literature and arts all around the world...


Architecture & Space

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 The American School Foundation - Fine Arts (LEED Certification)

Seeking for  LEED Certification, the Fine Arts building of the American School Foundation in México City embraces a diversity of spaces and activities that made this project challenging and exciting...



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Sustainability is one of the values of this company located in the heart of México City. Being aware of the high consumption of energy that they were generating...




Imperquimia - LEED Platinum

It is a four-story building by Barreiro Architects. This office building located in south Mexico City...




G Site

These four acres of residencial landscape are part of the natural system of mountains that surround Monterrey City, México. The lighting project sought to provide the minimum amount of light...




L Residence





B Residence





 M Residences - In progress

In the heart of historical neighborhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City, Artigas Architect’s project consisted on the restoration of two Spanish colonial houses protected by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)...




Products & Design



The design looked for simplicity, flexibility and honesty in the use of materials. Conceptually, they should bring tradition and stylish in warm and sober atmospheres...



1-MO mo_luminario de mesa_v2.jpg

Mo mo

The Mo mo table fixture (2006) reflects the growing interest in mexican style...




Luminaria 2.jpg


It is a luminaire family with a unique fabric shade that is adaptable to different mounting systems depending on the space. 





It is a desk/floor fixture with an elegant indirect light emitted from a wooden shade.





Amanecer / Atardecer

Intended to emit a mysterious light from a glowing resin cube within a minimalistic wooden structure. 



6-Sandra Luna_ The world is in the Light rotatedsmall.jpg

One Beam

This picture is a digitally abstracted yet mysterious and emotional representation of a deep blue ocean. The inspiration for the installation started...



Infinito Style.jpg

Infinito Tile 

Is an affirmation of Maya tradition translated into something new, a variation of the  Muk Ta Luch or the Universe Design.




Estrella Tile.jpg

Lucero Tile

Is an affirmation of Maya tradition translated into something new, a variation of the Star Design.