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These four acres of residencial landscape are part of the natural system of mountains that surround Monterrey City, México. The lighting project sought to provide the minimum amount of light to guide pedestrians through the different paths of the house without causing a negative impact in the natural environment. The architectural project was designed by the mexican architect Gustavo Medellin.

The view of the city from the site dialogues with the darkness of the landscape and the glow of some particular trees and plazas. Trees are illuminated by halogen uplights or LED downlights hanging on the branches. Fluorescent and LED strips highlight textures on paths and wall stones, while plazas and corridors subtly shine through small LED downlights. Natural elements like stones and trees are emphasized in order to indicate boundaries and significant points using different color temperatures to create contrast and atmospheres. The Façade Lighting complements the exterior lighting by giving life to some walls that barely shine through the forest, keeping its shadowy calmness.