Infinito Tile



Is an affirmation of Maya tradition translated into something new, a variation of the  Muk Ta Luch or the Universe Design, 

In the "Universe" Design, the path of the sun across the sky is shown by a thin line connecting the small diamonds of the east and west to a larger central diamond. This inner diamond has curls on each side that represent wings; called pepen, "butterfly", it is the weavers´ symbol for the day sun. The butterfly is a metaphor for the sun because, like the sun, it inhabits the Underworld when day turns to night Butterflies as well as fruit bats dwell in caves -portals to the Underworld- and they feed on the same flowers. In the waning light of dusk you may see a butterfly fluttering among the bushes at the edge of the cornfields, and then suddenly see a bat flying away from the same spot.

Biography - A textile Guide to the Highlands of Chiapas, Walter F. Morris, Jr, Thrums and Na Bolom A.C., 2011



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Infinito tile was fabricated in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, by Original Mission Tile who has kept the tradition for generations since 1900, following and improving the original techniques developed in XVIII century in Italy.